“Set Europe Ablaze.”

With these words, U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill identified a new secret organization named the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The SOE, sometimes referred to as "the Baker Street Irregulars," was created in 1940, by Churchill and the Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton on July 22, 1940. Its mission was to conduct clandestine warfare behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied countries by encouraging and facilitating espionage and sabotage. The Camouflage Project examines French (F) section networks (or circuits) and SOE heads, agents, and code makers.


Behind the SOE

Leo Marks
Head of SOE’s codes and cyphers

Maurice Buckmaster
OBE; C de G
SOE F-section Head

Selwyn Jepson
F-Section Recruiting Officer; British Author

Vera Atkins
CBE, Légion d'Honneur, C de G
British Intelligence Officer; SOE F-section

Select SOE Personnel - F Section

Andrée Borrel
K.C.B.C., C de G, M.R.F
Code Name: "Denise"
Courier for Physician/Prosper circuit

Brian Stonehouse
Code Name: "Celestin"
Wireless Operator intended for Detective 

Diana Rowden
MBE, Légion d'Honneur, C de G
Code Name: "Paulette"
Courier for Acrobat, Stockbroker/Prosper

Francis Suttill
Code Name: "Prosper"
Organizer for Physician/Prosper circuit

Henri Dericourt
Code Name: "Gilbert"
Movements Officer for Prosper circuit

Lise de Baissac
MBE, Légion d'Honneur, C de G
Code Name: "Odile", "Marguerite"
Organizer for Scientist circuit

Nancy Wake
MBE, CBE, George Medal, Légion d'Honneur, C de G,
Medaille de la Resistance,  Medal of Freedom (US),
Companion of the Order of Australia
Code Name: "Helene", "The White Mouse"
Courier for Freelance circuit.

Princess Noor Inayat Khan
GC, MBE, C de G
Code Name: "Madeline"
Wireless Operator for Cinema/Prosper circuit

Pearl Witherington
Code Name: "Marie"; "Pauline"
Courier for Stationer circuit, Organizer for Wrestler circuit

Robert (Bob) Maloubier
Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, C de G
Code Name: "Paco"
Saboteur for Salesman circuit

Sonya Butt
Code Name: "Blanche"
Courier for Headmaster circuit

Sonia Olschanezky
Code Name: "Tania"
Courier and Administrator for Robin/Juggler circuit

Vera Leigh
Code Name: "Simone"
Courier for Inventor/Prosper

Violette Szabó

Violette Szabó
G.C., C de G
Code Name: "Louise"
Courier for Salesman circuit